Collector's Coins by the Alaska Mint
The medallion content of the coin is .999 fine silver or gold in weights from 1/10 ounce to 2 ounces. From production to packaging, all medallions are handled with gloved hands and dusted with moisture-free air which inhibits tarnishing and discoloration.
Each medallion starts out as an idea which is then given to the talented artisans that specialize in detailed graphic design. The design is then transferred to a precision cut steel die. After the die is cut, it is heat-hardened, allowing it to withstand tons of pressure. The die is then polished to a mirror surface and ready to produce fine medallions.
The press is a hydraulic Hobbing press that was built in the late 1950's and originally used in a general machine shop. In 1990, the Alaska Mint rebuilt and retooled the press and has been producing medallions of the highest quality ever since.

*Prices subject to change without notice as silver and gold prices fluctuate, please call for prices!*

Alaska Mint Money Clip #1 Alaska Map                 Alaska Mint Money Clip #2 Bear 99              
Alaska Mint Money Clip #3 Bear Paw            Alaska Mint Money Clip #4 Caribou              
Alaska Mint Money Clip #5 Fish                     Alaska Mint Money Clip #6 Iditarod              
Alaska Mint Money Clip #7   Alaska Mint Money Clip #8  
Alaska Mint Money Clip #9 Prospector         Alaska Mint Money Clip #10 State of Alaska 2009                   
*Money Clips are also available in different themes such as: The State of Alaska, Gold Rush, Iditarod, Marine Life, Wildlife, Aviation, Railroad, Cruise Ship, and Fur Rondy.  Contact us for these designs, also can have either gold or silver, if you have questions please contact us.*

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