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Ivory Scrimshaw

The art known as scrimshaw has been around for hundreds of years.

New England whalers introduced scrimshaw to the northern Eskimos in the early 19th century. Today the art form is very popular among Alaskan artists, both native and non-native, who use walrus ivory, mammoth ivory, and antler as a medium. The ivory is etched into using a sharp pin like tool and then covered in ink, which seeps into the scratches. Some use colors to create a more lifelike depiction, while others use a more traditional black. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to be treasured and passed down as a heirloom.


Scrimshaw By M.T. Dunkin of Seward, Alaska

SKU P0000137B Mammoth Ivory Scrimshaw Pistol #13

Made for a 1911 Colt 45 Auto
Price $399.99
S&H $20.00

SKU P0000139 Loons with Babies on Mammoth Ivory #14
Approx. 10" x 3" tall
Price $599.99
S&H $20.00
SKU P0000138 Native Woman and Hawk on Mammoth Ivory   #15
Approx. 7" tall
Price $499.99
S&H $20.00

Scrimshaw By Dean Janosko of Anchorage, Alaska

SKU P0000137B Wolves Under Branch on Walrus Ivory with  Moose Antler Base  #18
Approx. 6" wide and 2 ¾" tall
Price $169.99
S&H $20.00

SKU P0000139 Baby Fox on Mammoth Ivory with Moose Antler Base   #19
Approx. 4 ¾" wide and 9" tall
Price $169.99
S&H $20.00

SKU P0000138 Mammoth and Saber Tooth Lion on Walrus Ivory with Fossilized Walrus Vertebra Base   #20
Approx. 7 ½" tall
Price $399.99
S&H $30.00

Killer Whales on Walrus Ivory with Wooden Base  #17
Carving by M.T. Dunkin
Approx. 9” long 3” tall
Price $799.99
S&H $30.00


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