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Alaska Fur Exchange

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Alaskan Ulu Knives (Made in Alaska)
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Alaska Ulu Knives
The ULU knife (pronounced ooloo) is the most renowned knife in Alaska. Native people of northern Alaska invented this knife centuries ago. It is used for hunting, fishing, skinning, filleting and every other imaginable domestic cutting need by the Inuit (Eskimo) people.

The traditional ULU was an Alaskan Native cutting tool with a handle made of wood or bone and stone slate blade, with a sharp edge for cutting or carving. The Native Alaskans made them in all sizes, from a small blade for cutting skins to a cleaver for carving meat. But, today's version is manufactured from stainless steel and provided with a hardwood handle for ease of use.

Click here for Hand Made Ulus!

Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combination
These finely crafted cutting partners have been created from Alaska Birch and American Walnut. The curvature of the U.S. stainless steel blade matches the bowl perfectly. Comes ready to gift wrap or put to work.

Individual Ulu Bowl  $19.99

We also have a variety of hand made Ulus out of Caribou Antler, Fossilized Walrus Ivory, Walrus Jawbone, and Mammoth Bone starting at $59.99

6 1/2'' bowl with 5'' Alaska Cutlery ULU
Item# 5BBA   $23.99 Each

7 1/4'' bowl with 6'' Alaska Cutlery ULU
Item# 6BBA   $29.99 Each
8'' Bowl with Inupiat Alaska Cutlery ULU Item#7BBA   $39.99 Each 
Shipping $18                    


Jade Ulu Knife6'' Jade Handle Ulu
This beautiful mineral is mined above the Arctic Circle. Natives from this region prospect and mine the huge boulders. Barges carry the jade down the rivers to artists who carve it into statues, animal figurines and best of all, these beautiful handles. Each handle is polished and often contains small flecks of gold or chromium. The color is brilliant.

'Jade' Plain Blade - No Etching
Item# 6JU   $
99.99                                                                           Shipping $15

6'' Alaskana Series Ulu
                                                                                                                                 The practical 6'' walnut handle ULU also doubles as a great memento of Alaska. In the Alaskana series, themes from Alaska are permanently etched in the blade. The same gift packing - walnut stands and history/instruction booklet are included with each ULU.

'Walnut' Polar Bear Etching
Item#: 6WB    $15.99

'Walnut' Caribou Etching
Item#: 6WC    $15.99

'Walnut' Eagle Etching
Item#: 6WE    $15.99

'Walnut' Wolf Etching
Item#: 6WH    $15.99

'Walnut' Flag & State Etching
Item#: 6WM    $15.99 

Shipping $15  Each

'Walnut' Moose Etching
Item#: 6WMH   $15.99

'Walnut' MT. McKinley Etching
Item#: 6WMT   $15.99

'Walnut' Prospector Etching
Item#: 6WS     $15.99

'Walnut' Totem Pole Etching
Item#: 6WT     $15.99

'Walnut' Plain Blade 'No Etching'
Item#: 6WU     $15.99 

Inupiat Style Alaska Birch Handle Ulu

These larger handle Ulus with the open blade are very popular with the avid Ulu user. The golden Alaska Birch is laser etched with Alaskan scenes to look great in any kitchen. Each knife comes with a convenient Birch storage stand and a history/instruction booklet.

Alaska Cutlery Item#s: 7BA, 7BE, 7BB, 7BM, 7BP, 7BS (SEE STYLES BELOW)   $17.99 Each

Shipping $15

Inupiat Style Cultured Moose Antler

We made a master pattern from an actual moose antler and reproduced these natural looking handles using silicone molds and polyester resin. Hand-staining and finishing bring put the very natural looking tones. It's hard to tell it from the real thing.

Cultured Moose Antler ''No Etching''
Item# 7CA    $17.99 Each    Shipping $15

ULU Sharpener Item#: USS   $9.99 Each
Originally designed for use on ice augers, we have found this handy tool to be great for sharpening Ulus. Of course, a hard stone or round steel works well, but with this little gadget, it's easy to keep a sharp edge. Always use care when sharpening an Ulu or any other knife. Carefully follow the instructions included.

Alaskan Grabbers
Grab These! Discover the Fun in the word Functional with Alaskan Grabbers. These salad/pasta grabbers are made of Birch and are sure to be a hit on your dinner/banquet table. The Grabbers logo appears on each Alaskan Grabber.  Great gift to give with the ulu of your choice.

Alaskan Grabbers
Item# AG    $18.99 Each     Shipping $12





The Ulu has a rounded blade topped with a handle and is usually grasped between the middle and ring finger of the hand. 


*If you can't find what you are looking for, you may Request an Item and a customer service representative will contact you regarding your request at no extra charge.

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